Ordinary or Extraordinary? Which Is Riskier?

Think about the businesses you interact with. Can you name more than five that offer you an outstanding experience every time? Can you even name one?

Being ordinary in business is easy. You don’t have to think much. You don’t need to do anything different or unusual. You don’t need to be brave. You don’t need to stand for something. You don’t need to get out of your comfort zone.

The outcome? You don’t stand out from your competitors. You don’t attract raving fans. And you certainly don’t get extraordinary results!

Being ordinary doesn’t cost much…. Or does it?

Is your business joyful and fun or is it all pain, suffering and gory? Your answer will depend on your brand and culture… If your brand is more beige than magenta, and your culture is more ‘slit your wrists’ than celebration, it may be time to rethink the risks of being ordinary! When you develop an extraordinary brand and a supportive culture you open up possibilities for magic to occur…

Talented and amazing people will want to work for you because the way you do things is enticing and engaging. Customers will become raving fans because you offer something rare and exciting. Suppliers will want to partner with you because your business is growing.

Three steps to generating a phenomenal brand:

  1. Identify the personal promises your brand makes publicly.
  2. Create extraordinary experiences around these promises.
  3. Weave the delivery of these experiences through your company culture.

Create a phenomenal brand

Ready to take the risk of building a brilliant brand and a contagious culture? Give yourself permission to BE unique… rather than just talking about it!

Do you have a brand vision that helps you outperform your competitors? What have you done with your brand or culture that has created phenomenal results? Share your experiences in the comments below…