New Technologies Provide Convenient Product Labeling Solutions for Small Businesses

There is a high demand for affordable and convenient label printing services for small businesses. Every business owner wants high-quality, colourful labels on their product packages because they tend to improve the performance of their products in the market. To meet the demand for high-quality labels, companies that make printers and label applicators are coming up with advanced technological solutions that enable small businesses to create and apply high-quality labels in-house and at a reduced cost.

According to Color Label Solutions Inc., here are some of the new on-demand printing technologies that are available to small businesses:

Solutions for printing labels on thick items

Many small businesses need to print labels directly onto thick items such as corrugated boxes, bags, cards, coasters, coffee cup sleeves etc. The CMYK Printer was created to meet this need. The setup includes a printer and a fixed thickness feeder. The CMYK printing system is designed to make it easier to create lots of personalized items with less labour and at a much lower cost. This printer can be used to print labels on both flat and erected carton boxes, which gives businesses the flexibility to choose whether to print before or after packing their products. You can see a brief demonstration of flat box printing below and erected box printing here. Currently, there are 4-inch and 8-inch versions of the printer available on the market. Newer versions of the CMYK printer come with a new raster image process (RIP) which permits higher resolution image printing.

Solutions for printing and applying labels on round bottles

Round product containers such as bottles and cans are used by many small businesses, including craft-beer makers, beverage companies, cosmetics companies, and food processing businesses. Business owners can use Epson labels printers such as the ColorWorks® C7500, C7500G and C3500 to print labels for round containers on demand. They can then use Bench Series Label Applicators from Great Engineering to apply the labels onto the containers. To make it even better, the BenchMAX applicator is integrated with the C3500 and the C7500 Epson printers. This means that you can now configure your printer and your applicator in such a way that you can apply your labels onto your bottle just as they come out of the printer. This configuration makes a very convenient setup that enables small businesses to save a lot of time. Additionally, the BenchMAX label applicator can now be configured with a thermal transfer printer. This means that the applicator can be used to apply an additional layer of laminate over the label from the Epson printer. Laminating a label can help preserve its glossiness and increases its durability.